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Our contemporary modern electric fireplaces offer clean, crisp lines and interesting fire media of natural off-white stones or embers which serve to accent the beautiful flame effect. These fireplaces produce a glowing fire-bed and flickering “flames”. Because these models are electric, no actual flames are produced, simply a “flame effect”. The natural flame effect gives the illusion of a real fire. These contemporary electric fireplaces also offer multi-heater settings. Our metal and glass fireplace  screens / shields are made of tempered safety glass and are a nice touch for any fireplace. Glass fireplace shields / screens bring safety and a modern look to open fires without compromising views of the flame. These very stylish and modern looking shields can make your fireplace perfectly amazing. Stainless Steel or solid block aluminum stands hold these hefty glass shields without taking away from the charm of your fireplace. Sleek and modern stainless steel mailboxes and mail slots for your contemporary home. There are many to choose from. With form following function your mailbox need not be severe. We can easily see these in a chic urban work/home loft environment, or in a charming neighborhood with tree-lined streets. Here are some modern options that will make you proud and impress your mail carrier. European designs which feature clean lines combined with a modern look.